We corner pockets of wilderness
and tame them, landscape them with
short lawns like shaved dogs, shivering
and naked in the breeze. We call these
‘gardens’, personal paradises, despite
the lack of variety. Imagine Nirvana
restrained by crazy paving, lotuses kept
in orderly beds. We covet arbitrary perfections
crave our place in nature while culling it.
Humans make for ignorant gods, accidental
architects of our own destruction, paradise lost
to our image of paradise.

Happy Earth Day! Fifty-two years ago, the climate movement had a real awakening when 20 million US protestors took to the streets to rightfully rage against the Santa Barbara oil spill. And despite the need for this movement being catastrophic, it’s given us a purpose, and a strong reason to work together to showcase the best of humanity.

I hope you’re celebrating by getting outside – run around your garden! Go camping! Swim in a lake! Enjoy the earth and its natural beauty, for you never know how long any of it has left.

Learn more about Earth Day at earthday.org

This poem was part of my Escapril 2022 challenge where I write one poem for every day in April to a set of prompts. To see more of these poems, follow me on Instagram.

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