About Ecoetry

Ecoetry is a concept of three branches: an exploration of ecopoetry and other writing, my attempts towards a more zero-waste lifestyle without making life difficult, and an emphasis on that suffix:


I am neither an expert in ecology nor product sustainability, so please remember that everything you read on this site is from my own research and experience. I am just another twenty-something millennial trying to be a better person for myself and for the environment, trying to be a better writer, trying to find my place in a world of waste and high expectation, and trying new products for a more sustainable way of living. Because ultimately, life is all about trying new things, and if this blog can persuade even one person to try making positive changes in their lives, then this will all have been worthwhile.

Therefore, this blog will shun perfectionism (which is hard for a perfectionist). You’ll find no perfectly polished posts here, in part because I want this blog to feel real and relatable – changing habits is hard and it should be portrayed as such. But also because it’s important for my own mental health that I have a life outside of this blog, as all bloggers should.

So this blog may not nail it every time. Sometimes I may not try as hard as I should and perhaps I’ll forget to post once in a while. But that is okay.

TL:DR – If you’re interested in sustainability and enjoy reading my writing, you may well be in the right place.

A photo of me!

About Claire

There was once a woman who would pride herself on writing within challenging forms, and who lavished researching new topics in great depth. But there was one style of writing she could never get to grips with:

Personal ‘about’ pages.

After rewriting throughout the night, she decided to use her obsessive list-making skills to overcome such an unendurable task:


  • Bachelors degree with honours in Creative Writing with Professional Writing
  • Masters degree with distinction in Creative Writing
  • Edited and co-edited The Writer’s Quibble, Firelight, and Laced magazines
  • Published in Firewords, The Purple Breakfast Review, Aloe Magazine and Structo
  • Won the Code First: Girls competition after an eight-week course
  • Will happily engage in pun and limerick battles.


  • Days: exploring new cities with sexy architecture, old bookshops and hipster cafes
  • Food: garlic bread (it goes with everything!)
  • Game: Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer, or Bioshock
  • Books: Watership Down by Richard Adams, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
  • Poetic form (to write): anything with strict rhythm and rhyme schemes, from sonnets to triolets
  • Genre: dystopian sci-fi
  • Place: anywhere quiet and surrounded by trees or the ocean

I have writing and editorial experience for literary magazines, ecommerce, and marketing, but would love to sneak into the gaming, environmental conservation, or publishing industries. I have also dropped the third person now because it’s weird.
If my lovely lists have sparked your interest, get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Still not convinced? Check out examples of my previous work and testimonials from lovely people I begged to say nice things about me.