There’s nothing like opening up your emails to find that sliver of delicious acceptance you’ve been waiting three months to feel: “we’d love to publish you in our next issue!”
My inbox has been graced so five times now. I’ve been lucky enough to be the sender of these wonder-emails too, and neither get any less, well… wonderful:

2020 Popshot Quarterly
Disperse (poem)
Buy your copy here: https://www.popshotpopshot.com/magazine

2020 Aloe Magazine
Fading Summers (poem)
Buy a print copy or download for free: https://www.aloemagazine.org/

2020 Structo Magazine Issue 20
Croeso (poem)
Buy your copy here: https://structomagazine.co.uk/

2020 Laced Magazine
The Lactose Paradigm (poem)
Get in touch for a copy: https://twitter.com/LacedUon

2019 Firewords Issue 12
Racing the Rain (poem)
Buy your copy here: https://firewords.co.uk/twelve

2019  Voices
The See-Through Garden (poem)
Read it here: https://bit.ly/2UbDwPs

2019  The Purple Breakfast Review Issue 8
The Eye of the Beholder (short fiction)

Beautiful magazines with my writing in: Popshot, Aloe, Firewords, Structo, Laced, and Purple Breakfast Review

Example Work

Firelight Issue Three (rebranded, edited and curated magazine, updated website design) – https://uoncreativewriting.wordpress.com/2019/07/05/firelight-issue-three/

What do the Plastic Recycling Symbols Mean? (blog post)https://www.willshees.co.uk/articles/what-do-the-plastic-recycling-symbols-mean/

Preventing Work-Related Illness: The Importance of Forklift Ergonomics (blog post) – https://www.multylift.co.uk/preventing-work-related-illness-forklift-ergonomics/

Ten Tips for Staying Motivated when Working from Home (blog post) – https://www.kumodigital.co.uk/10-tips-for-staying-motivated-when-working-from-home/

1st-graded critical essay for MA poetry module with strict 1000-word limit – https://ecoetry.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/critical-essay-poetry.pdf

Personal Projects

From Jägermeister promo boards to cute kid’s book illustrations, many of my personal projects are design inclined:

Blackboard art and design

Winning website built from scratch in Code First: Girls competition: https://clairemiller24.github.io/Hotspot/
One of thirteen illustrations in a children’s picture book for my partner’s nephew.
PlayStation controller made in Illustrator
Video game design *image coming soon!*


Claire is an excellent copywriter with an outstanding attention to detail. She is a versatile writer who is able to produce high quality copy on a wide variety of topics, researching unfamiliar subject areas to gain a thorough understanding. Claire is also extremely organised and motivated, meaning she is always on top of her workload and meets deadlines on time. On a personal level, she is also a pleasure to work with!

– Rachel Baker, Content Marketing Manager

The proofreading service I received not only helped correct mistakes I had made in my coursework, but actually offered alternatives on how I could rebuild my work. Rather than correcting me, the service allowed me to consider different future alternatives, helping me improve my ability as well as the work at hand.

– Adam Turner, MSc Biology graduate

As Editor for the Creative Writing Society, Claire consistently worked to a very high standard. Within the first couple of months in the role, Claire completely rebranded the society’s magazine to become Firelight. To achieve this, Claire spent time researching other literary magazines and synthesised these ideas together in a way that would best represent the Society. Through InDesign, Claire designed the various elements required to create a cohesive visual language for the magazine and commissioned unique cover art for every issue. All her hard work paid off, as many members of the Society commented that they loved how professional the magazine looked and were excited to submit their writing. Claire worked to expand the reach of the magazine by contacting local cafes and bookshops to stock it. Every issue of Firelight was produced on time and to a high standard. As well as being a fantastic editor, I was always able to depend on Claire as she was a diligent and highly engaged member of the committee.

– Matthew Bird, former President of the UoN Creative Writing Society

Read it again

– Daniel, aged 2, after reading his custom story book