Poem to be published in Aloe Magazine

Aloe Magazine is a new publication borne from lockdown. The magazine is aptly named for the aloe plant’s ability to ‘thrive in difficult conditions’ and its common indoor growth.

I submitted to Aloe because it’s such a fantastic idea for encouraging creativity in a time so bleak and miserable. I was thrilled to discover that they accepted my poem ‘Fading Summers’.

About the Poem

I wrote ‘Fading Summers’ in April under lockdown during the Instagram poetry challenge, Escapril. With a prompt for every day of the month, I found myself being surprisingly productive, even though I only challenged myself to complete half of them to avoid burnout.

‘Fading Summers’ came from the prompt ‘How did the sky look?’ The sky has often provided inspiration in my poetry, particularly through colour palette, and it comes through in this poem. ‘Fading Summers’ is about lost youth, the tantalising thought of freedom whilst we’re stuck within four walls, and the promise of returning.

I would definitely recommend writing challenges like Escapril; they get you through that pesky writer’s block and it feels great to have so much writing produced at the end of it. However, I would caution against completing the challenge if it’s making you stressed, and not to be too hard on yourself if you miss the odd day.

The first issue of Aloe Magazine will be released on 31st July in print and digital format, with all proceeds going to health charity drives in the UK and Ireland, so be sure to pick up a copy! You can also read some of my other poems written during Escapril here.

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